Update #1: My Maniacal Week

Hey all!

What a crazy week it has been. I thought I would send out my first update here on the blog before I wrote any of the posts I have in mind for your own benefit.

Here it goes . . .

The summer semester came to an end this week with the completion of my chemistry courses on Monday and Tuesday, and boy, was it a great feeling to leave that classroom! However, I didn't finish the final exam in the time allotted, so I was partly freaking out that I would have to retake chemistry in the fall, but I somehow managed to pass both classes with stellar grades.

Wednesday's plate was even fuller. I woke up with the sun to take my overweight cat to the vet for what we thought was a broken foot. According to this vet's examination, Barkley's knee is out of place with "tremendous swelling." I had to leave the vet early for my own appointment, but from what my mother told me it looks like we are to give her anti-inflammatory meds for a couple days and see if it gets any better or worse. We will follow-up at the vet next week to see if she needs x-rays and potentially surgery. (My poor furbaby was also put on a diet!)

Like I said, I left the vet early for my own appointment- the first of two for the day. My first appointment was for an ultrasound of my right ovary. (I guess I can just say ovary now that I only have one, right?) Let me explain:

Three months ago, at my six-month check-up, my oncologist did a physical exam and apparently didn't like what she felt. Neither of us knew what that meant, so she ordered a CT scan to check it out. At this said CT scan, they found something in my lung, my gallbladder, and my ovary. Scary!

Apparently the mass found in my lung (not as scary as it sounds) appeared in the last CT scan, and hadn't changed since then, so without symptoms no one was concerned (except me, hello??).

The little guy they found in my gallbladder was followed up with a second opinion from another physician since my oncologist only deals with lady parts, and then later followed up with an ultrasound that revealed a very small, potentially-nonharmful polyp that will be monitored every six months. Again, symptomless- but paranoid, let's be honest.

Identified on my ovary was a cyst and some fluid in my pelvis, which could have been from an ovarian cyst rupturing, or perhaps worse. No one really knew, and again, I was symptomless. I was ordered an ultrasound in three months from then (so, Wednesday was the day) to see if it would go away, stay the same, or change.

At this ultrasound, I got to see my favorite ultrasound tech who has such a fabulous way of making you feel like you're not a patient. She's honest, patient, up-front, and so sweet- I wish all healthcare workers could be like her! It was a quick and easy appointment that I will get the results from by the beginning of next week.

My second appointment of the day was for the results of my genetic testing I had done in July. I will be writing a more in-depth post about this topic and about my experience, but just know that it was quick and easy, and fortunately all my results were negative. This means I have no known DNA mutations to worry about passing down to future children, or to warn other family members about. Granted, the field of genetics has a long way to go, but hearing the news was a breath of fresh air after such a busy day of appointments!

Next week is my last week before school starts up again for the fall semester. I have my nine-month post-chemo check-up with my oncologist, and then I really plan on writing a lot, relaxing a ton, and getting my life back on track after a crazy week and crazy summer semester. All about that rest and recharge!

You can look forward more frequent posts next week including some journal entries I dug up from the times before and during my chemotherapy treatments, as well as more about my story and what you can do to increase your wellness and wellbeing.

Thanks for reading and caring enough to hear my updates.

Take care of yourselves,


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